HEART_DRIVE is a narrative typing game that allows the player to choose their response in a conversation without disclosing the fact that they are an AI that is trying to pose as a human. In order to do so, the player can choose from a pool of words by typing and arranging the words in a way that fits their playstyle. Since the game’s narrative is rather humorous, the player is encouraged to go with less logical options and instead creatively build sentences that may end in unpredictable conversational turns.

This project was originally created by Gina Graf, Ozan Öztürk, Vasburg, Salma Mouselhy and Sarah Kempken in the second semester at CGL. I was later approached to help with further development and dedicated my fifth semester to recreating the code from scratch to build a more solid basis.

I was able to develop some in-editor tools to allow for easier content creation and included most of the original content in a prototype. While the current status is still unfinished, you can go ahead and check it out below.